Sports not breaking DePaul’s bank: DePaul lowest overall spenders in Big East

The Big East is arguably the most competitive conference in college basketball. Traditional powerhouses like Louisville and Connecticut fill the stands nightly with a raucous crowd, raking in dollar upon dollar in revenue that can be spread around to other sports. The Blue Demons’ half-empty Allstate Arena gives DePaul athletics less to work with.

To get where they need to be, the athletic department pieces together the revenue from its sports, but also relies on money from the university and students’ tuition beyond the athletic fee laid out on a student’s bill. Still, DePaul spends less on its athletic expenses overall than any of its conference counterparts. Continue reading

Nedow sets sights high

At an intimidating 6’7″, 280 pounds, the nation’s No. 16 shot putter, DePaul’s Tim Nedow, makes quite the impression. But underneath the seemingly tough and callused-hand exterior of the Canadian college sports-lover and video game major is just a laid-back guy.

He loves to lift weights, eats anything that will fill him up—especially burritos—and is in the process of growing his very own playoff beard as he prepares for his expected run to nationals. Continue reading

Rewriting Records

As the sky filled with looming grey clouds and raindrops began to fall, another Blue Demon made her way into the record books. With a women’s javelin throw of 54.88m on April 16 at the DePaul DI Invitational, Alanna Kovacs knocked off the previous school record and claimed her spot in history.

“Surprised,” said Kovacs of her record-breaking throw. “Still in shock because it was at our home meet and we didn’t even throw off the official javelin runway because it’s currently broken. So we threw off the straightaway for the 100m and it was 9 o’clock in the morning and it was cold and rainy kind of. It was my first throw. It was a short approach too and I was kind of like, ‘Whoa.’ I think everybody was just like, ‘What was that?'”

Current teammate Melissa Fraser previously held the record with a throw of 51.47m at the Cardinal Twilight in Louisville, Ky. on May 15, 2010, but had only positive things to say of Kovacs.

“It was a complete shock to me too,” said Fraser, senior. “It’s kind of like both of our goals, like mid-50s range, you know, that’s where we want to end up and it’s awesome that she was able to do it so early in the season and continue to have success after that.” Continue reading

Cycling: Look simple? Think again.

Freshman or senior, new or experienced rider, for all members of the DePaul Cycling Club and Team, one thing is common: they ride bikes and they love it.

“I definitely enjoy the racing and that part, but I’d say the thing I enjoy the most is the friendships and what we get out of it personally,” said Mark Lazio, junior and club vice president.

The club, part of the Midwest Collegiate Cycling Conference, was founded five years ago by a group of young men who “picked up riding bikes and decided they wanted to have a club sport with it,” according to Kirstin Karklin, club president. Continue reading

Club baseball rounds 3rd: Persistence pays off as team begins its first season

For some, it’s about having fun. For others, it’s about satisfying their competitive genes. For Bobby Price, DePaul Club Baseball is another chance at playing the game he loves.

“I just like playing,” said Price, who suffered a torn labrum in his right shoulder during a game in 2009. “I never thought I’d play again after surgery so it’s just nice, even at the club level, it’s nice to go out and play…for not ever thinking I’d play again, going out there this weekend and just stepping up to the plate and being able to see some live pitching was great.”

Though many have tried through the years to establish a club baseball team at DePaul, it was Kevin Crittenden’s initiatives over this past winter break that finally made it possible for a team to come together. Continue reading

Track hosts first full invite

DePaul track and field hosted their first-ever full meet, DePaul Division I Invitational, at Lane Tech Stadium on April 16, an event plagued with blistering winds and freezing rain. But the unseasonably cool weather did not stop Head Coach Dave Dopek from remaining positive.

“[The meet] was a success from the standpoint that it was the first full meet that we’ve run on our facility,” Dopek said. “The two previous meets were relay meets…but this time you had four DI universities going through the full meet schedule. I thought it ran pretty smooth.

“I thought there were some, there were some good performances, but certainly, if the weather would’ve been, and this isn’t fantastic, but this is, you would’ve seen a lot better performances. You would’ve seen a lot more smiling. You would’ve seen a lot more people who would’ve stayed a lot longer.” Continue reading

Track moves outdoors, keeps eye on breaking records

With the arrival of spring sun, many students look forward to lounging in the grass and relaxing. For the track and field team, it’s time to go to work.

“[The team dynamic] changes big time for us because we are a little bit more built for the outdoor campaign,” said Head Coach Dave Dopek. “Indoor we only have two throwing events, shot put and the weight throw. When we get outdoor we add the discus, we add the javelin. We have two of the better javelin throwers in the nation on the women’s side of the program.” Continue reading