Technology complicates recruiting process

Don’t call more than once a week. Writing a wall post or sending out a tweet mentioning them isn’t allowed. Being in a “Facebook relationship” when it’s not been made official is just wrong.

Sounds a lot like the difficulty of dating in a society dominated by Facebook news feeds and Twitter updates right?

In reality, these are just a few of the rules NCAA coaches must follow during their recruiting process. With a rule book over 420 pages long, DePaul Director of Compliance Doug Bakker said the biggest challenge coaches face is the sheer amount of rules they must abide by to avoid an NCAA recruiting violation scandal, such as the one UConn’s Jim Calhoun was recently involved in after reportedly making impermissible calls and offering improper benefits to a former player. Continue reading

Purnell’s class of 2011

In his first season as DePaul men’s basketball head coach, Oliver Purnell has gathered an incoming class composed of six players from across the nation. According to affiliate, the 2011 class ranks No. 25 in the nation and seventh in the Big East.

“I’m very pleased with the makeup of our first full recruiting class. I think we addressed a lot of needs for next year’s team,” Purnell said in a statement. “We were able to sign a guy at each position. I think we have guys that shoot the basketball, guys that have the ability to defend and overall a very athletic class.” Continue reading