Growth not a problem for women’s lax

Long before Christopher Columbus’ fleet of ships landed on the Eastern shores of America, Native American tribes competed in a much rougher, larger version of lacrosse, a sport that is still looking to gain popularity, particularly among the women’s teams. Predominantly played on the East Coast, women’s lacrosse has slowly “trickled over” and is continuing to grow, according to Seattle native Alex Iani, a senior. Continue reading

Editorial: Study asks DePaul, ‘How many hits before you quit?’

Migraines. Nausea. Lightheadness. Blackouts. Confusion. Sounds like a Saturday morning after a few too many drinks, right?

For the majority of college students, these feelings will pass in a few hours, but for the 300,000 athletes suffering from concussions yearly, these symptoms may take days, weeks, or even years to subside. These are symptoms that many collegiate athletes – some of whom are attending school on athletic scholarships, more who have only a few years left to play and most who would do anything to just keep playing the game – lie about just to keep playing, despite the possible long-term damage. Continue reading